What does full coverage mean and is it real?

Does “full coverage” for car insurance really exist?

Okay, so a term you may have heard thrown around when it comes to car insurance is “full coverage”. But if you’re a skeptical person (or you just think that sounds too good to be true) you might be raising your eyebrows and putting your hands on your hips. So…let’s break this down. Is full ...

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What insurance would a necromancer need?

What insurance would a necromancer need?

So, necromancers would probably need some sort of wrongful reanimation coverage.
Storm damage

Does home insurance cover storm damage?

Certain types of storm damage, such as hail, wind damage, and falling trees, can be covered by home insurance.
Is home insurance worth it

Is homeowners insurance worth it?

Indeed, homeowners insurance is a worthy investment.
What insurance would Hogwarts need?

What insurance would Hogwarts need?

Hogwarts would probably need some pretty extensive insurance. Magic is fun and all, but...
Insurance if you're getting married

What you need to know about insurance if you’re getting married

Your car insurance, home insurance, and health insurance could change if you get married.
insuring an engagement ring

How to insure an engagement ring

You have several options if you want to insure your engagement ring. We'll explain.
Bodily injury liability

Car insurance: What is bodily injury liability coverage?

Bodily injury liability can help cover the other driver's medical expenses if you injure them in an accident.
Car insurance while away at college

Do I still need car insurance if I’m away at college?

If you'll be away at college but still want to drive the family car when you come home for breaks, you should still be listed on the car insurance policy.
How does insurance work

How does insurance work?

If you're curious about how insurance works, we'll try to explain.