Do I still need car insurance if I’m away at college?

If you're going to be home on breaks and driving the family car, yup.

Woo hoo, it’s time to go to college! You’re excited to be a brand-new college student, being independent and all that good stuff. It’s going to be great. New people to meet, interesting classes to take (maybe), a cool campus, a dorm room. But what happens when you return home for breaks? If you’re not bringing a car with you to college, you might wonder if you still need to be on your family’s car insurance policy.

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The short answer is yes. If you’re going to be home over winter break or summer break and you want to tear around your hometown in the family car, then you need to make sure you have the insurance to do so. You’ll want to visit friends and check out your old favorite places, right? So, talk to your parents about it and check that you’re still able to be listed on the car insurance policy. (Basically it all comes down to the fact that you’ll be able to access the family car when you’re at home for breaks.)

Keep in mind that there are other perks to going to college than your newfound independence and eating pizza at two in the morning. You could get car insurance discounts.

If you make good grades in your classes, you may be eligible for a Good Student Discount. This can help you save some money on car insurance, so definitely check it out if you’re doing great in your classes.

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Another thing to let your parents know about is that you could get a discount if you’re going to school far away and not taking a family car with you. If you’re going to school, say, over 100 miles away, that could qualify you for a discount. And who doesn’t like a good discount? (Of course, you have to check with your carrier, but it’s worth investigating if you’re going to be away at college!)

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