7 tips for carving a pumpkin this Halloween

Don't lose a finger.

Pumpkins are a crucial part of Halloween. Lots of people carve Jack-o’-lanterns – it’s good fun. Slimy pumpkin guts, choosing a scary face to carve, what’s not to enjoy? But you’re also using sharp, pointy objects to jab at an orange blob. Since you probably don’t want to lose a finger, we’ve got a few tips for pumpkin carving.

1. Choose a flat surface. You don’t want your pumpkin wobbling around on you as you’re trying to carve it. That would make things way more difficult.

2. Have good lighting. Well, you need to be able to see what you’re carving. Light can help you distinguish fingers from pumpkin. Don’t try to carve a jack-o’-lantern in the dark.

3. Use a special pumpkin-carving kit. You’ve got to select the right tools for the job at hand. Pumpkin carving kits have small tools that are ideal for the task, and these little tools can be a big help when it comes to making jack-o’-lanterns.

4. Use votive candles. If you’re going to use candles in your pumpkins, use votive candles. (You can also use those little battery-operated fake candles, too. Those don’t involve fire.)

5. Keep the pumpkins away from flammable stuff. You don’t want to accidentally catch something on fire. Keep the jack-o’-lanterns away from furniture, curtains, and so on.

6. Be careful. Make sure you know where your fingers are as you carve the pumpkin. You don’t want to stab yourself on accident. Keep your hands clear of the carving implement.

7. Let kids draw on pumpkins. Don’t let the small kiddos have sharp, pointy objects. They shouldn’t be carving the pumpkin. Either they can draw faces on the pumpkin or they can choose a design and a grown-up can carve it.

So, those are a few tips about carving pumpkins. Basically, be careful and make sure that your hand isn’t going to slip as you carve. Make sure all fingers are accounted for before you slice into the pumpkin.

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