Does car insurance cover hail?

If you have comprehensive coverage as part of your car insurance: Sure, probably.

It’s summertime and you’re feeling fine and…wait, why is there ice falling from the sky?

Because summer is hail season. Not winter…when it’s actually cold. Go figure.

So, if you’ve left your car out for some summer sun and ice chunks start raining on your parade, will your car insurance cover it?

Does car insurance cover hail damage?

The answer, as with most weird things that can happen to cars, is in comprehensive coverage.

Remember, comprehensive coverage is the part of your auto insurance that can help repair or replace your car if something other than an accident happens, like:

  • Fires (Don’t set your car on fire.)
  • Theft (Don’t break your windows. Or your windshield. That’s actually a really important part of your car’s structure.)
  • Animal strikes (No! Not Bambi!)
  • Vandalism (Gee, your car goes through a lot.)
  • And falling objects (Like that stupid tree branch.)

(Psst. Also remember that comprehensive coverage isn’t required by most states. So, if you’re just sliding by on liability insurance…sucks to suck. Your liability insurance won’t cover damage to your car.)

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The thing about asking your car insurance to cover hail damage, though, is that you have to fulfill your deductible first.

“My what?”

Your deductible is the part of your car insurance where, if your car gets damaged, you’ve agreed to pay that amount before your carrier will start covering damage. So, if the hail only made a few paint chips, it’s probably not worth it to file a car insurance claim because repainting probably won’t cost more than your deductible.

But if there are now craters in your car roof and spidery cracks in the glass, go ahead and make that call to your insurance.

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