6 home insurance discounts you should ask your agent about

Different carriers offer different home insurance discounts – for example, bundling, having a security system, being claims-free, and paying in full.

So, home insurance can get expensive. It’s no secret. But there is a simple way to pay less for your insurance, and that’s taking advantage of home insurance discounts. The cool thing about insurance carriers is that they often offer savings on your coverage. We’ll go over 6 common discounts you should ask your agent about when you’re getting home insurance.

Common home insurance discounts.


If you get your car insurance and your home insurance from the same carrier, you could get a multi-line discount for bundling. It’s kind of like rolling both of those coverages into one convenient, gift-wrapped package.

Security system.

Many home insurance carriers offer a discount if you have a security system. They don’t want your stuff to get swiped, of course. (Because, you know, they’d probably have to pay for it.) Anyways, a security system can be a major deterrent to burglary.

New home purchase.

Hey, there are some perks to being a brand-new home insurance customer, including that you could get a discount on your brand-new home insurance policy. So, if you’re a recent home-buyer, check it out.

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Being claims-free.

If you’ve gone a certain amount of time without causing your home insurance company any trouble (meaning filing a claim), you could get lower rates. Basically, insurance companies like for their clients to be low-maintenance and not ask for money too often.

Paying in full.

If you can get past the sticker shock of paying for your year’s home insurance policy and can swallow the financial hit of shelling out the cash, you could get a discount. The insurance company feels better knowing they’ve been paid.

Home renovations.

Insurance companies love safety. You could get a discount for updating your electrical system, plumbing, or so on to make your home safer.

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