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Let’s talk about home insurance & what it takes to get home insurance quotes. Maybe you’re ready to move out of your first apartment. Or your parents’ house. Or you’ve just graduated from college (if you have, good for you! It’s impressive that you’re buying a house this early!)

Maybe you’ve had a house for a while now, and you just want to know what in the world is going on behind the scenes of your insurance policy. We’ll gather ‘round and we’ll tell you how to decode your homeowners’ insurance quotes. But first, here are some baseline things you’ll need to know:

Home insurance can help you cover a lot of stuff including:

  • If someone gets hurt at your place (Liability)
  • If someone sues you for being hurt at your house (Liability, and you probably need to stop inviting that person over.)
  • Your stuff (Personal property coverage)
  • Help covering things you need to pay for if you’re kicked out of your house for repairs or a disaster or something (Additional living expenses coverage)
  • The actual, physical nuts and bolts of your house (Dwelling coverage)
  • Building your home back up if Mother Nature took her bad day out on your house. (Unexpected replacement cost coverage)
  • Your shed, your pool, your backyard oasis, maybe a doghouse or two (Other Structures Coverage)

The main point is that there’s a bunch of things that home insurance can cover.


There are a few things that home insurance doesn’t cover automatically:

  • Floods
  • Earthquakes
  • Jewelry and fine art (There's probably a limit for this)
  • Leaving your house vacant for an extended period of time
  • Sewer backup (Ew.)

You can add“endorsements” (add-ons to your policy) to cover some of those little issues. Hey, we don’t make the rules; we just tell you about them.

Do you hate filling out forms? So do we!

A recent study* found that 93% of people of Americans hate filling out forms, while 6% said that they love forms. 1% were found to be indifferent towards forms.

* That was 100% BS. No study. But, we know that people don't want to complete an online form, so we can just have a conversation via LiveChat and get your insurance quotes back ASAP.

So, there’s a quick pass over what home insurance is & what your home insurance quotes can include

Thanks for reading!

A lot of people think home insurance is super complicated, that it doesn’t cover much, or that it’s too expensive – all things that are not true. They don’t have to be, and we won’t make it any more anxiety-inducing than it already is.

We get it. You’ve just spent thousands of dollars on a house. You’re paying hundreds of dollars in mortgage payments. Paying for one more thing a month is a little terrifying. But so is shelling out thousands of dollars for a home disaster because you decided not to get home insurance. Especially when we make it so easy.

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