How to insure an Airbnb 🕶️✈️

Your Airbnb insurance might use a commercial insurance form.

Starting your own Airbnb may be a great way to show hospitality to a few wanderlust warriors. But it can also be a lot easier said than done. Here’s what you need to know about getting insurance for an Airbnb.

Check your local laws!

Before you start fluffing those guest pillows, check your local laws about opening an Airbnb. Some cities have not been the friendliest to the franchise. So, look up any zoning, short-term leasing, or subletting laws in your city.


If you’re good to go on those fronts, talk to your insurance agent. A hefty number of strangers will be going in and out of your living space, and they might accidentally start a fire or something. You’re going to need protection from that. And even Airbnb tells you that their Host Guarantee Program is NOT insurance.

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So, how do you get insurance for an Airbnb?

If your Airbnb is something like a second house that you’re renting out, you’ll most likely need a separate commercial policy. (Most insurance companies see this as commercial use of the home.) The policy typically covers losses like fire, hail, wind, and water damage that’s NOT caused by flooding. As far as your personal property goes, you can probably choose the amount of coverage you want – for example, $10,000.

(If you have a mortgage for the Airbnb, keep in mind that you’ll probably have to insure the structure for its replacement cost value. To be completely honest, that’s probably the best option overall.)

If you’re living in the same space as your Airbnb renter (i.e. they’re renting out an extra room or basement apartment), that could get a little trickier. You may just be able to get an endorsement for your home insurance. It’ll basically give your insurance a head’s up so they know what’s going on occupancy-wise. At any rate, talk to your insurance company to see what they say about Airbnb.

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