What insurance would Jurassic Park need?

All of it. All the insurance.

Who doesn’t like dinosaurs? You can just imagine those as the famous last words of the creator of the Jurassic Park, an amusement park (we use those words loosely) featuring dinosaurs. Yep. DINOSAURS. Because clearly nothing could ever go wrong, right? It’s not like the dinosaurs could, hmm, escape or anything, right? Or get too smart for the humans’ own good?

We digress. But let it go on record that we think creating a dinosaur amusement park is not an advisable idea.

Anyways, it got us thinking. How could one possibly insure something like the ill-fated park with large, extremely angry reptiles?

We concluded that you would need all the business insurance. Just all of it.

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We took to Reddit to discuss this question, and here’s the threads of conversation we came up with.

First of all, Jurassic Park would need some major liability insurance, probably. What if the dinosaurs did escape, and what if they ate an unsuspecting (well, more likely terrified) guest? Chances are – lawsuit. Also…what if someone tripped and fell or something? Either way, in the event of a slip and fall or a dinosaur having an afternoon snack, liability insurance would probably be a must. (Oh, and workers’ comp would probably be a good idea, so long as it covers dino incidents.)

Then there would have to be a way to insure the property itself. What about all the buildings and such that are planned to accompany the park? Those would have to be insured against your average, ordinary perils like fire and hail and wind damage, of course, but also against such things as dino destruction. (Pretty sure that a T-Rex could stomp a café into oblivion if the mood struck it.)

If there are any business vehicles, those would need to be insured as well. From auto liability insurance to physical damage insurance (which would need to protect the vehicles in the event they’re squashed by rogue dinos), it’s important to make sure those trucks, vans, and so on have the right coverage.

Also – a Reddit user pointed out that there would probably be no standard carrier willing to write a dinosaur park. It would most likely have to go through an excess and surplus lines carrier. (Not sure why anyone would write Jurassic Park…but again we digress.)

Could there be a new coverage invented called “Stampeding Dinosaur Coverage” that would cover many of the losses associated with many-toothed (and probably hungry) dinosaurs escaping from their enclosures?

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This is the last question we were left with. Who the heck thought it was a good idea to open a freaking dinosaur theme park with real dinosaurs?

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