What does home insurance cover? 🤷

Most things on your property, including people you invite over and things you’ll have to buy if you can’t live in your house.

Someone took you through the process of getting home insurance without telling you what it covers?! That definitely wasn’t us, and whoever it was needs to get it together. Let’s go down this rabbit hole, shall we?

Home insurance generally covers:

1. Your physical house

You know, the structure of the house itself.

2. Other structures

Fences, pools, gazebos, garages, even driveways. Anything that makes your house fun and functional on the outside.

3. Your stuff

Got stuff inside your house? Great! It’s probably protected from fires, lightning, burglars, the odd hoodlum, explosions (yep, you read that right), riots (yep, that too), and falling airplanes (Seriously, we can’t make this stuff up.)

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There are some things and situations that aren’t protected through a normal policy, though.

  • That expensive Monet? Nope.
  • Your engagement ring? Nope. (Well, you might only have limited coverage for valuables.)
  • Flooding? Nope.
  • Earthquakes? Nope.
  • Sewer backup? Nope…and ew.

Don’t worry, though. You can add on coverage or get separate policies if you do want to cover anything on the list.

4. If you have to live somewhere else for a while.

And we mean HAVE to. Not, “Omg, I just have to get away for a weekend.” More like, “Wow, I can’t believe that plane crashed into the side of my house. Definitely can’t live there while they fix all that.”

It’s called ALE coverage, and before you order the steak and lobster dinner with your insurance money because you can’t use your kitchen, ALE coverage DOES. HAVE. A. LIMIT. Plus, it only covers any amount over what you would normally spend, not the full amount.

5. Liability

For the people that get hurt at your house and/or decide to sue you for it. (In which case, why were they at your house?)

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