What is Workers’ Compensation? 🤕💸

If an employee gets hurt on the job, you can help (and not get sued)!

Okay, you’ve probably made a joke or two about filing a workers comp claim, but if you’re a business owner, what does it actually do?

Well, if one of your employees is hurt doing job-related stuff and can’t do any more job-related stuff for a while, workers’ compensation can help you take care of them while they’re out. (It can also help you not get sued, which is nice.)

What Does Workers Comp Usually Cover?

Medical Bills

This includes hospital bills, physical therapy, medications, shots, braces, treatments, and even rides in the wee-woo machine. (All of which, ARE NOT CHEAP.)

A lack of paycheck

Usually, people work for a paycheck. If someone can’t work, then they can’t get a paycheck, right? Well actually, workers comp can help you pay the person who’s out-of-commission a part of what they made. Because, let’s face it, billing companies don’t care if you can’t work; just if they get paid.

Causing a Disability

Yikes. This employee really took one for the team, didn’t they? Don’t worry, though. Workers compensation can help your business cover the bill for more severe and long-term employee injuries.

Death Benefits

Whoof. It’s not fun to think about, but freak accidents happen, and people can die from them. If your employee’s family was depending on your deceased employee’s income, workers comp can at least help them ease some money troubles.


Now, are you really required to get workers’ comp insurance? Like, could you just squeeze by and not –

No. Stop. You are probably definitely required to have workers’ comp for your employees. The requirements are different state to state, but even if they weren’t, don’t you wanna feel warm and fuzzy for taking care of your workers?


If you’re really worried about how much coverage will cost your business, just click that chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner. Our experts will show you the quick, affordable, and easy way to get workers comp.

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