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Insurance TL;DR is a new insurance site for a new world. You have questions and we have answers. Say "hello" the world of Insurance TL;DR from the folks that brought you InsuranceHub:

  • No distracting stock photos.
  • All the articles are short - like very short.
  • And, all articles have a TL;DR section (too long; didn't read) to briefly answer each topic for those who can't be bothered.

We get it. Insurance isn't glamorous. It's not the most exciting topic in the world. But we're working to change that. We're working to educate. We're working to make insurance easier & quicker to understand.

Home Insurance

1st time home buyer?
Buying a new home?
Homeowner looking for a better rate?

Frozen pipes

5 tips to prevent frozen pipes

Frozen pipes can be a big problem in the winter. Find out how to keep your home's pipes from freezing.
Safety for deep fried turkey cooking

Deep fried turkey safety

You've got to be really careful if you're deep-frying a turkey.

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Car Insurance

Leaving your parent's plan?
Buying a new car?
Adding a new driver?
Looking for better coverage or prices?

What do I do if my car is stolen

What to do if your car is stolen

Okay, so it's pretty much the stuff of nightmares. You walk out to the parking lot, whistling a tune to yourself - hey, it's Friday! But when you get to ...
getting insurance online

The perils of getting insurance online

Heaven knows phone calls are awkward. Meeting strangers is terrifying. And doing both to adult, like when you’re finding insurance, is the worst. However, it’s a necessary evil. “But there ...

Business Insurance

Starting a new business?
Need additional coverages for your business?
Want to get a better insurance rate?

Henry VIII

Insuring Henry VIII

What kind of insurance would Henry VIII need?
Wedding insurance

What is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance can help protect you if you lose some of the money you'd invested in the big day.

Do you hate filling out forms to get an insurance quote? So do we!

A recent study* found that 93% of people of Americans hate filling out forms, while 6% said that they love forms. 1% were found to be indifferent towards forms.

* That was 100% BS. No study. But, we know that people don't want to complete an online form, so we can just have a conversation via LiveChat and get your insurance quotes back ASAP.