Home insurance for moving to Mars

Well, we're guessing there would have to be insurance to...well, do a lot of things.

Okay, so there’s something that’s kind of fascinating about space. Maybe it’s the stars, or maybe it’s the comets, or maybe it’s the well, space. (Pun totally intended.) You’ve decided that maybe Earth is not the place for you anymore, and you want to move to Mars. We support you in that decision, but we do encourage you to think of the insurance side of things.

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We were doing some pondering, and we wondered how home insurance would have to evolve to accommodate someone living on Mars. We’ve come up with a list of a few potential losses that insurance would have to cover:

  • Alien attack. Hey, it could happen. If you’re on Mars, who knows? The planet could get invaded by aliens who are bent on Mars-domination. What if your house were to be destroyed in the ensuing battle?
  • Asteroids. Your house could get taken out by an asteroid, and that wouldn’t be pretty. Home insurance on Mars would have to be able to take care of stuff like that.
  • Personal property. Well, you would want to make sure that your spacesuit is properly covered. We’re not space experts, but we think those things are probably pretty expensive.

Well, our insurance brains didn’t stop there. We came up with a whole bunch of other what-if questions about insurance if you move to Mars.

  • Would you be able to bundle your home insurance with your space cruiser insurance? We’re guessing that if you were on Mars, you would want some sort of vehicle. But you’re a thrifty space-dweller, so would you be able to save money by bundling your space-cruiser insurance with your home insurance?
  • Wait – how would auto insurance work on Mars? So if you have a space-vehicle, how would it be covered? Would there be collision coverage for if you hit a, uh, wait, there’s no trees on Mars. Would there be liability coverage if you hit another driver in their space vehicle?
  • What other endorsements would you need? On Earth, there are endorsements you can add to your home insruance policy. On Mars? Who knows? What sort of things would require endorsements?
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The idea of moving to space (well, and the future) is a little daunting, and our agents don’t really do insurance on Mars just yet. But they can definitely help with your insurance here on Earth! Send us a LiveChat and we’d be happy to help with your insurance.

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