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So, you wanna know what we’re all about. Well, InsuranceHub has been making insurance easy for a while now, but we thought, “How can we make this even easier? How can we make something that can take so long to explain even quicker and even easier? How can we make what can be an insanely boring topic interesting, and dare we say it, fun?”

This site is for quick answers to your quick insurance questions. We’re gonna be honest – most of the answers about insurance are not cut and dry. But if you stick with us, we’ll take you through some of these topics as quickly and easily as we can. Our answers will have a synopsis, a short answer, and maybe a little snark. Plus, if you have any in-depth questions, we’re always here to listen and help.

Introducing Insurance: TL;DR!

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Here are some fo the topics we cover

Home Insurance

Maybe you’ve just bought your first home or maybe you’re just new to all the insurance lingo that it takes to protect your home. Whether you’re a newb or a pro at home buying, we’ll break down all of the home insurance topics you need to know.

Here are our articles about it!:

Car Insurance

Have you been driving around in your family car since the second you got your license, but now you’ve got a brand-new car without the perks of being on your ‘rent’s insurance? Do you have multiple cars, and you’re tearing your hair out trying to figure out how you’re going to afford to insure all of them? Or are you just shopping around for new car insurance policies just because? Whichever way you slice that car insurance pie, we’ve got you covered.

Check out the A’s to your car insurance Q’s here:

Business Insurance

With the rise of technology, it’s easier than ever to start a fully-fledged business. But how do you protect something that’s so hard to build and grow? You guessed it: Insurance. It doesn’t matter if you’re working from home or you’ve rented out a retail space or if you own an office building (especially if you own an office building. Geez.), you’ll need something to keep your business intact when things hit the fan.

But where do you even start to find insurance for a business? Come on, you know by now. Let’s go!:

Transportation Insurance (not reg. car insurance)

You might have seen the nice paycheck that truck drivers can take home, or you could just have a need to transport things for your business. Or you could be shopping around for cheaper rates while you already own a booming business. (We won’t judge. A lot of other carriers can make commercial trucking insurance more expensive and harder to understand.) Whatever the case, you’ve found yourself here – looking for insurance. And we’re here to break down the types of coverage you actually need.

Take a look:


Not here for the nitty gritty and just want a quote? Okay. Fine. Don’t read the articles we shed blood, sweat, and tears over.


Our agents are pretty great at what they do. So, if you’re still feeling a bit overwhelmed by the whole insurance thing, feel free to chat us up! Our humble experts will take you through everything step by step.

TL; DR: Read up on insurance stuff & Talk to us! We’d love to hear from you!