What is on-hook insurance for tow trucks?

On-hook insurance protects the car you’re towing from losses like collision, theft, and fire.

Okay, so you have a tow truck business. You have auto liability insurance to cover your obligation to the other driver if you accidentally crash into them. You have physical damage insurance to protect your tow truck. But…there’s a catch. Neither of those coverages protects the client’s car while you’re towing it. So, how can you save your butt if you’re towing a customer’s vehicle…and then get into an accident and smash it? On-hook insurance!

What is on-hook coverage?

On-hook insurance protects the client’s car while you’re towing it. Mishaps happen on the road. The only problem is that your client might not be super understanding if one of those mishaps involves their vehicle. People don’t like it when their cars get damaged…and if you’re the one who was towing the vehicle when the damage happened you’d better believe they’ll hold you responsible.

NOTE: In Virginia and Texas, on-hook coverage is called garagekeepers insurance. What LITERALLY everyone else knows as garagekeepers insurance is called storage location insurance in those two states. Thanks, Texas and Virginia. That’s not confusing at all.

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Anyways –

Like we said, on-hook protects the client’s car while you’re towing it. The following can be covered:

  • Collision
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Fire

Who needs on-hook insurance?

If you tow cars for a living, chances are you need to consider on-hook insurance. It’s one of those coverages that are essential for tow truck businesses. On-hook insurance can help protect you from the risks you face every time you have a car hooked up to your tow truck.

Here’s an example:

You’re towing a car to an auto repair shop. On the way, you accidentally run a red light and get into an accident. You’re okay, and so is the other driver – phew. That’s the important part. But the client’s car…well, it’s kind of…squished? On-hook can help.

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How do you get on-hook insurance?

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