How to insure Umbrella Corp. from Resident Evil

Coverage to clean up, keep hiding secrets, and LOTS of liability.

Oof. BIG oof. Tackling the business insurance that Umbrella Corp. (UC) might need is like tackling a 1,000-pound Snorlax. The organizational issues would be difficult enough for an outsider to grasp, let alone an insurance adjuster. Even hypothetically, the coverage situation is a little sticky.

First off: Yes, the governments that each subsidiary operates under would probably pay for the risk with government funds. So, this could be more of “How much is Umbrella Corp. costing people in taxes?” For the sake of this argument, though, we’ll pretend that UC is a private company.

  1. Liability

From the infected ripping people’s heads off to the public spread of various virues or “vaccines”, there’s a lot of liability issues to go around. But would UC’s general liability or product liability insurance would cover these risks?

  • General Liability coverage can help a business pay for medical bills and legal fees if someone is hurt on their property and sues the company.
  • Product liability can help a business cover medical bills and death costs if something they manufactured caused injury (due to improper instruction or disposal.)

So, solving an “issue” could go either way…maybe?

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  1. Workers Comp

Their workers’ comp premiums would probably be through the roof. UC loses scientists to disease like a 5-year-old loses teeth. But workers’ comp. could help the business pay partial salaries and medical bills for the plethora of occupational hazards…again, maybe?

  1. Key Employee Insurance

Similarly, the threat of virus contamination and “investigators” attempting assassinations of higher-ups, UC would probably need some type of Key Employee insurance to cover the financial loss to the company that comes with a vital employee dying…but they’d have to make sure they understand what the policy covers. Would it cover those risks? Not sure…

  1. Pollution/Haz-mat coverage

Finally, the dead bodies, “super-soldiers,” and other various mutants and mutant…juices aren’t going to clean themselves up. So, UC would probably need some help with the funds to properly clean all that up. Or, you know, just redirect it to Raccoon City. Again, they need to make sure they know what their policy would and wouldn’t cover.

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