Ruining Halloween

There are scarier things than fake ghosts and ghouls. But insurance can help!

“Halloween is cool,” says Marnie from the iconic Disney film, Halloweentown. And yes, Marnie, it is. It’s also very dangerous. Let’s ruin your childhood, shall we?

1. Trick-or-treating

A favorite childhood pastime. What could go wrong? Well, a child could get a little too excited, run, trip, fall, and break a bone on your front lawn. Aaaand you could be held liable since it’s your lawn. (Luckily, home insurance usually has liability coverage to handle similar issues.)

2. Driving on Halloween

If you’re going to your favorite Halloween activity or house party, you’ve got to get there somehow, right? Except there are tons of small children running around neighborhoods, and tons of other cars on the road. In other words, tons of things you could hit and that could hit you. Damage to your car could be covered with collision coverage. The other person’s car could be covered under your property damage coverage.

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3. Parking your car on Halloween

After you get to where you’re going, you have to put your car somewhere. If you have comprehensive coverage for your car, you could be covered to repair your window after the spooky surprise of a break-in. Your home or renters’ insurance would have to help recover the stolen items, though.

4. Halloween house parties

While it’s a great way to get together, there are tons more people that can get hurt, under your watch. There are also a fair amount of your things that can be broken. Again, liability can cover if someone is hurt and decides to sue you.

5. Carving pumpkins

Stabbing a fruit (yes, a pumpkin is a fruit) with a hard shell with a sharp knife. Who thought that would be a good idea? Your health insurance would have to help pay to heal your pumpkin carving injury if you stabbed yourself.

6. Ouija boards

Just…just don’t. No. NO…Nope.

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The moral of the story is that Halloween can be scary for the wrong reasons. But if things go wrong, that’s what insurance is for! Find the best with our agents in Livechat! We promise, they’re not scary.

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