Are items stolen from my car covered by insurance?

Well, the answer is a tad unexpected, perhaps. We'll explain.

So, you find out that someone broke into your car. Which stinks. They swiped a bunch of stuff that you had in there, and you’re quite outraged. (And rightly so – it was quite rude of the car burglar to break into your vehicle and help themselves to your belongings.) Grr. Anyways, you’re irritated, but you’re also wondering…any chance your insurance will help cover the stuff that was stolen? You cross your fingers.

Well, here’s the answer to that. Your car insurance will NOT cover the items that were stolen out of the vehicle.

WHAT? You cry in outrage. How could it not cover that?

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Hold on, hold on. Don’t shoot the messenger and don’t exit this page in anger. We’ve got a plot twist coming right up. (Who doesn’t love a plot twist?)

Your car insurance may not cover the items stolen from the car, but your home insurance or renters insurance might. These generally include coverage for your personal belongings, so that’s why this is where you might want to go to see about getting your belongings replaced.

However, keep in mind that your home insurance probably comes with a little something called a deductible. (That’s the amount you agree to pay if you have a claim.) The value of the items swiped from your car might not be more than your deductible, so it may not be worth it to file a claim. You may end up needing to replace your belongings on your own. So, it’s something to think about. If it’s just a pair of inexpensive sneakers and some clothes or something, you might not reach that deductible.

So yeah, we get that this one might be a little unexpected. (What can we say? Insurance likes to keep you on your toes.) Car insurance won’t replace your stuff if it’s stolen from the car. (However, if you have comprehensive coverage, it may replace the vehicle itself if it’s stolen completely.) Home insurance or renters insurance, though, may replace your treasures.

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