Does car insurance cover a stolen car? 😱🚗

If your insurance policy has comprehensive coverage – sure, why not?

Let’s face it, having your car stolen sucks. I’m going to assume your car’s been stolen if you’re reading this. For that, I am truly sorry (in the only way I can be. I wasn’t the one who stole it.)

So, what now? You probably don’t have extra cash laying around to drop a few thousand on a new car, and you need a way to get around. So, who helps you when something happens to your car? Mom and Dad? Maybe. A friend? Maybe. What about your insurance?

Again, maybe.

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Does car insurance cover you if your car is stolen?

See, your auto insurance can only help you if comprehensive coverage is included in your policy.

If you’ve scraped by with just your state’s minimum insurance requirement, I’ve got news for you, son – You’ve got 99 problems, and your stolen car is now about 17 of them. Your state will usually only make you get liability coverage (which covers if you hurt another driver in an accident) and property damage coverage (which can help you pay for the damage to their car). Neither of these counts as comprehensive coverage.

However, if your lender required you to get insurance, you may wanna give them a HUGE hug later. Most lenders will require you to have collision and comprehensive coverage. But it’s important to look over your actual policy to make sure that comprehensive coverage is what you have.

What it won’t help you cover…is whatever was IN the car. So, if you left a wallet or something valuable in the back seat, sorry to say that you’re not getting that back. But you’ve got a car!

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