Bundling 101: Should I bundle my home and auto insurance?

Well, seeing as you could save money on your insurance, you might want to consider bundling your home and auto insurance.

So, you’ve heard about this magical insurance thing called bundling. You’re curious if it’s actually worth it. And also…well, what is bundling? Not to fear – we’ll explain it all.

What is bundling?

Bundling is basically just getting multiple types of insurance from the same carrier. Many people bundle their home insurance and auto insurance and get them from the same insurance company.

Should I bundle my home and auto insurance?

Generally, bundling helps people save money on their insurance. Why? Insurance companies often offer discounts to people who bundle. So, if you choose to get your home insurance and auto insurance from the same carrier, they might think that’s pretty cool and offer you a discount. And discounts = savings! So, it could definitely be worthwhile for you to bundle your home and auto – it’s a super easy way to get lower insurance rates.

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Another reason to consider bundling – it’s more convenient. You only have to deal with one insurance company when you’re handling your home insurance and auto insurance. Keeping track of different phone numbers, email addresses, and so on is a pain. But when you only have one insurance company, that’s less hassle for you. And fewer people you have to deal with.

What if I don’t own a house?

So, bundling sounds cool. But what if you don’t have a home – like, what if you live in an apartment? Well, you can still bundle your renter’s insurance and car insurance. You could still see lower insurance rates and enjoy the convenience of only having to deal with one insurance company. (We know that insurance people are not your favorite people to talk to, and we don’t take offence.)

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