Am I covered if my car catches on fire?

What if your car catches fire?

Okay, so you have a question. It might seem like a bit of a far-fetched scenario, but you’re curious about something. Not that you’re planning to ever find out how this could work in practice, but in theory…would your car insurance cover you if your vehicle were to catch fire? In other words – is fire covered by car insurance? Well…here’s the deal.

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What insurance would Elphaba from Wicked need?


So, the story of The Wizard of Oz is one that most everyone has heard – lions and tigers and bears, oh my! And a lot of people know the Broadway musical, Wicked, which tells the true story of the Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba. And the thing is that Elphaba has magic. Which can lead to some, well, interesting issues!

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Insurance…of the future!

Insurance of the future

2020. The literal start of a new era. Most people thought we’d be living in a The Jetsons style future by now, but Elon Musk can only work so fast. That doesn’t mean we’re lacking some really futuristic inventions currently. It just means we have more time to prepare for futuristic risks. For example:

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