How to choose a safe car

Do your research, find out about crashworthiness, and consider the design of the vehicle.

So, exciting things are happening! You’re looking to get a car. New or used, it doesn’t matter – it’s going to be a set of wheels that you can cruise around in. And it’s going to be yours! Woo hoo! Anyways, when you’re car-shopping, you need to ponder the safety of your vehicle. Here are a few things to think about so you choose a safe car:

  • What are the car’s crashworthiness ratings? This can give you an idea of how the car will do – and how it will protect you – if things go horribly wrong.
  • How is the car designed? The car needs to have a strong, sturdy safety cage. (It’s not a literal cage – it’s the part of the car that people sit in.) Also, the back and front of the car should be designed so that they squish when they’re hit, absorbing the impact of a crash.
  • How large is the vehicle? A bigger car that’s heavier might be safer than one that is smaller and, well, not as heavy.
  • Does the vehicle have anti-lock brakes? Anti-lock brakes can, as the name suggests, stop the brakes from locking. They actually push the brakes a lot of times per second, which by some magic keeps the brakes from locking. Cool, huh?
  • Does the vehicle have daytime running lights? When you turn on the car, the running lights will turn on with it. And because eyes are cool and can pick out contrast, the lights make the car easier to see. (The car is differentiated from the background.)
  • What is the vehicle’s on-the-road experience? Look into factors like how likely the car is to rollover.
  • Are the seat belt and airbags okay? These things are all crucial parts of protecting your noggin’ – and you – from injury if there’s an accident.

Along with picking a safe car, you also need to make sure you have the right auto insurance for your new ride. We can help! To get started with quotes, send us a LiveChat.

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