Am I covered if my car catches on fire?

Uh...we're not going to ask questions, but if you have comprehensive coverage, that could help you with your situation.

Okay, so you have a question. It might seem like a bit of a far-fetched scenario, but you’re curious about something. Not that you’re planning to ever find out how this could work in practice, but in theory…would your car insurance cover you if your vehicle were to catch fire? In other words – is fire covered by car insurance? Well…here’s the deal.

What’s comprehensive coverage?

Fire is a loss that could be covered under your comprehensive coverage if you carry it for your car. (Of course, we always encourage you to actually read your policy to find out the specifics.) What’s comprehensive coverage, you ask? Good question. Comprehensive coverage is the insurance that can help cover losses that aren’t caused by a wreck (that’s the turf of collision coverage.) For example, it can cover the following…

  • Theft (Stupid car thief)
  • Vandalism (How inconsiderate of those troublemakers who trashed your car)
  • Falling object (Why’d that tree have to fall right there?)
  • Animal strike (Because of course, that deer had to be in the middle of the road)
  • And yes, fire – because that could happen too.

So. To answer your question – comprehensive coverage could help you with your car situation if there’s a fire.

Do I need to have comprehensive coverage?

Okay, so that’s what comprehensive coverage does, but do you really need to carry it? As in – are you required to have it? Well, if you have a car payment and a lender, they may require you to have it for your car. Just FYI.

What’s collision coverage?

We mentioned collision coverage earlier, so we thought we’d take a brief detour to talk about it a little bit. Collision coverage is the one that can help you repair your car if you’re in an accident or if you hit something like a fence or pole. That’s what it’s there for.

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