What is comprehensive insurance?

Comprehensive insurance protects your car against losses not caused by a wreck, for instance, fire, theft, animal strikes, vandalism, and falling objects.

So, there are a lot of car insurance coverages out there. And it sounds like a whole lot of gobbledygook. Who cares about the coverages, and who cares what they do? Well, you should. Because without the type of insurance we’re going to talk about, you could be in a real pickle if your car is damaged by fire, a falling tree, a rogue deer running across the street, and so on. Take heed – we shall discuss comprehensive insurance.

What is comprehensive coverage?

Comprehensive coverage protects your car against damage that was NOT caused by an accident or collision (because collision coverage does that, and comprehensive can’t steal collision coverage’s thunder.)

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Anyways, losses that are typically covered are:

  • Fire
  • Vandalism
  • Animal strikes (Stupid deer)
  • Falling objects (Stupid tree)
  • Theft (Just in case some jerk steals your ride)

Why do I need comprehensive insurance?

Okay, so here’s the thing:

If you only carry liability insurance, you won’t be covered for any damage to YOUR car. Liability insurance protects other people from you, like so:

  • Bodily injury liability helps cover the other driver’s medical bills and pain and suffering if you’re at fault in an accident
  • Property damage liability helps cover the repairs of the other driver’s car if you’re at fault in an accident (or if you smash something else)

So, if a tree falls on your car…or if your car gets stolen…or if you hit a deer…or if your car gets vandalized… You would NOT be covered if you only have liability insurance. You need comprehensive coverage to take care of those losses.

NOTE: If you have a pain-in-the-butt car payment, you have a lender. And that lender might require you to have comprehensive insurance. Just be aware.

And that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

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