Get ready for Halloween!

Well, you've got to buy the candy. But you should also make sure your walkway and stuff is ready for the onslaught of trick-or-treaters.

The spookiest day of the year has almost arrived! Halloween is nearly upon us. In the flurry of last-minute costume preparation and pumpkin carving, you may have forgotten that you also have to get ready for trick-or-treaters. You know, the pint-sized humans who will be running around a lot because they’ve consumed copious amounts of sugar? Yeah, them.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Don’t forget to buy the candy. This goes without saying. Don’t forget to get candy for the children. You’d be surprised how mean they can be to people without treats.

2. Clear your walkway. Check over your driveway, walkway, and front steps. Tidy up some and make sure there’s nothing that could send trick-or-treaters sprawling. (That includes leaves – someone could do a faceplant on if there are slippery leaves in the way.) You don’t want any howling or crying on Halloween.

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3. Get flashlights and batteries. If you have kids who will be trick-or-treating, make sure you have plenty of flashlights and batteries. This will help them be more visible to those who are driving on Halloween. Besides, they’ll probably enjoy being able to see stuff. You can also get some reflective tape for their costumes and treat bags.

4. Check your outdoor lights. You’ll also want to check your outdoor lights to see if there are any bulbs that need to be replaced. Having lots of light can help young, intrepid, and costumed kiddos see where they’re going. Plus they’ll know that you have yummy treats for them if you illuminate the front of your house!

5. Prepare for your pets. If you have a dog or cat, prepare a quiet, safe room for them inside. First of all, you don’t want any great escapes. Second, you don’t want your pup to frighten anyone by being too excited about Halloween, and you don’t want them to nip at anyone’s fingers. Let them wait out the fun in a cozy hideout.

6. Review 911 stuff with your kids. If your kids will be going trick-or-treating, make sure you go over 911 stuff with them so they know how to call emergency services if they need to.

So, Halloween is a big day! Remember, a little bit of preparation goes a long way, and it can help you have a way less stressful day.

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