What insurance would a necromancer need?

Some sort of unauthorized reanimation coverage at LEAST.

So, while on the Reddits, we came across a post that tickled our little nerd funny bones:

“Necromancers: Just healers with bad timing.”

While the statement isn’t wrong, we deal with insurance. So, naturally we wondered, what coverage would they need for that?

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We also turned to Reddit for the answer to our necromancer question.

For the sake of the argument, we’re going to consider D&D specifically, and that any insurance of the deceased party refers to the soul of the individual, not the corpse.

That being said:

It was generally agreed that a necromancer would need some kind of wrongful reanimation/unauthorized risen corpse coverage or endorsement.

You could also cover the class under a “medical” malpractice insurance or Errors & Omissions coverage. You’d need it for healers in D&D anyway, but it would work a differently for necromancers (for obvious reasons).

Depending on the location and the power (dice roll) of the resurrection, they may also need a commercial pollution/haz-mat policy for any type of corpse army stumbling and falling all over the place.

There’s also a concept called vicarious liability where someone could find the company that an employee works under responsible for the employee’s mistake. In this case, it could come into play if one of the resurrected started slaughtering everything in sight, OR if the necromancer’s union or religious organization was sued.

And no, chaotic necromancers – you cannot have the life insurance payout of the reanimated.

Not to mention the kerfuffle of questions to determine the risk a necromancer faces. As u/Uttermostdeer5 pointed out:

How many people do you resurrect? Are they complete resurrections…or partials? (conscious people, zombies, skeletons). What’s the average duration of each entity brought back to life? Do you have legal guardians of the resurrected parties sign waivers of subrogation?

(We can’t even go into insurance for the corpses and their families without getting into a life insurance dumpster fire.)

Okay, conclusion – thinking about this makes our heads hurt.

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