Does home insurance cover storm damage?

Well, certain types of storm damage could be covered, sure. Flooding, though, is probably not.

Who doesn’t get a little freaked out when there’s a big storm overhead? Thunder, lightning, pouring rain, the whole nine yards. Storms are a great time to huddle up and spend some time safely indoors (and try to prevent the pets from freaking out.) But there’s another question – does home insurance cover storm damage? We’ll explain.

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There are certain types of storm damage that could be covered, yes.

Your home insurance might help you cover hail damage, for instance, so if your house takes a beating from tiny chunks of ice, you could be covered.

Home insurance can also cover lightning, so if your house gets hit and then bursts into flames, you may be good to go. (Even power surges could be covered.)

Wind damage is also typically covered – don’t underestimate how badly wind could hurt your home. (Then there’s also typically coverage for fallen trees…trees are heavy, after all, and they like to fall and smash things sometimes. They just do.)

There is, however, a big “storm damage” loss that isn’t covered by home insurance: flooding. This is a big one. If you get a lot of rain and the water accumulates on the ground outside to “holy crow, that’s a swimming pool” levels…that’s probably not covered. (You’d need flood insurance, which you can get through the NFIP. Just keep in mind that there’s probably a waiting period of 30 days with very few exceptions. Very few.)

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Home insurance can be extremely useful. It can cover certain types of storm damage, so if you get caught in the scariness of an intense swirl of rain, wind, thunder, and lightning, you can at least know that your home should be protected by your home insurance.

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