How To: Save Money on Workers Comp. Insurance 🤔💵

Pay attention to your business and make sure your employees feel comfortable reporting injuries.

Let’s face it: Business expenses like workers comp. aren’t cheap. So, you may be a little worried about how you’ll afford everything. Here’s how to at least save on workers compensation insurance.

6 Ways to Save on Workers Comp Insurance

  1. Make sure your payroll system is correct.

First thing’s first: Did Jenny get a promotion last year? Did Brent get a raise last month? Is Susan even still with your company?? These are things that are all important to getting the right rate for workers comp insurance in the first place.

  1. Understand your EMF (Experience Modification Factor)

Insurance companies will look at your EMF – a fancy name for how many claims you file compared to everyone else in your industry. So, if you have a high EMF, you should especially work on filing less claims.

  1. Be safe!

There’s no claim to file if no one gets hurt, right?  So, train everyone how not to get hurt and create a workplace where it’s hard to get hurt.

  1. Report injuries ASAP

Don’t tell your employees to walk it off. If an injury is serious enough and it’s not reported, you’re going to have a lot more on your hands than a worker’s comp claim (*cough*lawsuit*cough*).

  1. Play detective if accidents do happen.

Don’t just cry to the heavens, “How did this happen?!” Investigate. Look at where the accident happened, how it could have happened, and talk to witnesses. ASAP.

  1. Have a modified duty program.

In school, you may have heard that it’s better to turn in something than nothing at all. So, if an injured employee can still do some of their duties, let them know that they’re free to come do those. No one likes being paid less because they’re injured.


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