Insuring Henry VIII

Err, is there coverage that would protect against injuries sustained from jousting? Not sure...

So, we’ve probably all heard of Henry VIII. You know, he was king of England, was obsessed with having a son, had six wives – Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anna of Cleves, Katherine Howard, and Katherine Parr. (Yes, three of them were named Katherine.) He’s a well-known figure from history, mostly because he tossed wives aside and/or beheaded them on a semi-regular basis.

We digress.

Anyways, apart from that, what kind of insurance would Henry VIII need? We can’t help ourselves – it’s impossible for us not to think about the insurance angle for just about everything.

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First of all, he would need some sort of insurance for the castle. Well, castles…yeah, he had a lot of houses. At any rate, he would need to make sure that he has enough insurance for his various properties, as we don’t think fire-fighting capabilities were that great in the 16th century.

Second of all, what about jousting? You know, lances, horses, trying to knock other people off the horses…Nothing could possibly go wrong, right? (Who thought this was a good idea anyway?) What if someone got hurt because Henry VIII hosted a tournament or something, and then they decide to sue? Is there liability insurance that would cover jousting?

And then what about liability insurance for all the people who visit the castle? If someone slipped and fell, they might decide to sue. And since there are a lot of people who come to visit, there is a lot of opportunities for people to accidentally get hurt. Henry VIII would probably need coverage that would protect against that sort of thing.

For all the people who work for Henry VIII (and there were a LOT of people who worked for him) he would probably need some sort of workers’ comp insurance in case they got hurt on the job. You never know what could happen. Like, what if one of the grooms or something falls down the stairs?

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Henry VIII is a notorious monarch from history, but we still couldn’t resist thinking about the insurance angle. But if you’re more concerned with the present day and your company’s insurance, send us a chat! We’d be happy to help.

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