What is wedding insurance?

Uhh, insurance for your wedding, of course.

If you’re getting ready to tie the knot with your significant other, congratulations! That’s great, and we’re happy for you. But you’re maybe a bit of a pessimist – not about the marriage, of course, but about the wedding day itself. You know Murphy’s Law, and you don’t want to tempt it. So, how can you protect a wedding? Insuring it, of course. Wait, that’s a thing? And it’s called, fittingly enough, wedding insurance.

What is wedding insurance?

It helps protect your investment in the big day. Those things are expensive! Here’s how this insurance can protect you:

  • The venue: Every wedding needs a great place. But what if that place catches fire right before the big day? What if the venue has closed or something? Wedding insurance can help reimburse you for expenses of covered, unavoidable cancellations.
  • Weather: Ah, who doesn’t love a good, old-fashioned rainstorm? Lots of people, actually. Including the guests of honor and family members who can’t get to the wedding. If the wedding has to be cancelled because a ton of people can’t make it through the havoc going on outside, wedding insurance can cover the costs of rescheduling.
  • Clothes and stuff: Okay, you know you shouldn’t have trusted your super expensive wedding clothes to that airhead bridesmaid…Wedding insurance can help replace attire if it’s damaged, lost, or stolen.
  • Military or job transfer: If the bride or groom can’t be at the wedding because of a military or job transfer, wedding insurance can help cover the cost of rescheduling.

So, those are some things that can be covered. However, you can also have coverage options such as…

  • Photographer – can cover if photographer is a no-show or the negatives get damaged or stolen or something
  • Videographer – can cover if the video is damaged and stuff
  • Liability coverage – can cover bodily injury and property damage liability
  • Gifts – can replace gifts that ARE NOT MONEY if they are stolen, damaged, etc.

Anyways, if you’re getting married, you might want to consider getting wedding insurance! It can protect you from a lot of losses.

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