What insurance would Elsa need?

Well...she'd need coverage that would cover if she accidentally froze something?

In honor of the new Frozen movie that’s coming out soon, we decided we’d go down the Disney rabbit-hole! We’re pretty excited about the new movie, but we can’t help but think about Elsa and her amazing ice powers. It seems that the Queen of Arendelle may have a need for some insurance. She does have an ice castle, after all!

So, let’s start with that ice castle, which Elsa builds after she runs away to the North Mountain after she accidentally loses control of her power. What kind of insurance would Elsa need for it? And would an insurance carrier even be willing to write a castle that’s made entirely of ice? Maybe Arendelle has insurance that would protect the ice castle against things like melting. (Elsa would have to make sure that the policy covers melting…) Then again, Elsa could always just make another one. But what if Elsa isn’t around?

Anyways. Melting ice castles aside…

Would Elsa need some sort of liability insurance that could cover her if she accidentally hurts someone with her ice powers? Would that even be a thing? As we saw in the first Frozen movie, the Queen of Arendelle doesn’t always have complete control of her powers. (The Duke of Wesselton will probably still tell anyone who would listen about how he slipped because Elsa iced the ground.) Of course, she’d have to make sure that her policy would cover such situations.

As a queen, Elsa has a lot of people who work for her. There are a lot of people required to keep a palace running, after all. Would the Queen of Arendelle need some workers’ comp insurance to protect those workers? (Workers’ comp can cover an employee’s medical bills if they get hurt on the job, and it can also reimburse them for a portion of their lost wages if they have to take time off to recover. It’s kind of a big part of business insurance.)

Anyways, we wish Elsa the best in getting the insurance she needs to cover her risks! And for the record, we think her powers are pretty great.

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