What happens if I miss a home insurance payment? 🏠💸

Your carrier may have a grace period to make your payment, but overall, it’s better to just get it together and make your payments on time.

We get it. Your insurance company gets it. Sometimes you have a rough month, sometimes something comes up, sometimes you just forget. It’s human error and you’re probably not gonna be in that much trouble if you’re a little late and you miss a home insurance payment.

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What happens if I miss a home insurance payment?

There’s usually have a grace period after the due date so that you can pay, but you’ll have to check with your carrier to find out how long that grace period is.

It’s not that great of an idea to test the limits of that grace period, though. Carriers are nice, but they still have to make money. If you still haven’t paid your home insurance after the grace period, you’re probably getting canceled. No more home insurance for you. If you’re really having that much trouble getting your home insurance premiums in on time, you might want to talk to your agent. They won’t bite. They are there to help you.

And it’s not just for that carrier. That record follows you around. Almost every other insurance company will see that you’re not one to pay premiums on time. So, they’re not going to want to insure you either.

That’s not to say it’s impossible to get insurance after it’s been canceled… It just could be more difficult. There are some insurance companies that are willing to take on “high-risk” clients – an offer you literally can’t refuse (if you want insurance).

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