The perils of getting insurance online

Computers could end up not getting you the best coverage. Agents get specifics to save you money.

Heaven knows phone calls are awkward. Meeting strangers is terrifying. And doing both to adult, like when you’re finding insurance, is the worst. However, it’s a necessary evil.

“But there are all of these insurance companies online! I can just fill out a form and get insurance without ever talking to anyone.”

As nice as that seems, it actually could result in some potentially unforeseen insurance consequences.

Here’s the deal. If you’re getting insurance online, a machine just spits out a number.

  • It can’t consider that you might need more coverage.
  • It can’t explain your policy in plain English.
  • It can’t connect you with the same person each time you have a question. So, as with most annoying customer service numbers, you’ll have to explain your situation over and over and over and over and over again to get an answer.

An insurance agent has something that a computer just doesn’t – human ingenuity and an ability to adapt instantly.

  • They’ll have a record of your questions from the moment you start working together. So, you don’t have to repeat yourself!
  • They can ELI5 if you need it.
  • They’re super sleuths in conversation when finding out what discounts you can get, rather than depending on a form.
  • An agent can compare policies that are actually similar from different carriers. So, you won’t have to wrap your head around tons of plans and end up comparing apples to oranges.
  • When you’re panicking about filing a claim, an agent can be there to say, “Shush shush, sweet summer child. Let me help you.”
  • They actually, you know, listen, if you’re nice. If you don’t like a rate, you can ask them to check another carrier. You can tell them if you’ve changed your mind on a coverage. Or tell them about important life changes, and they’ll know what to do!

Our agents are especially good at that. Plus, we do have ways to talk to you that don’t involve actually talking on the phone. To see for yourself, just slide into those DMs!

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