Insure this! A car went through my house…like the roof

We hope that the driver has the right car insurance coverage and limits.

Imagine this: a car smashes through the roof of your house.

Okay, what? And how? And who? And…WHAT?

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, you might have a lot of questions (because we sure do). But we’re an insurance website. We’re not miracle workers! So, let’s tackle how you’d insure this, I guess?

If it’s your car, but not your house:

(The car is the least of your worries, but okay.) Your collision insurance may (and we mean MAY) cover the damages to your car.

Your property damage coverage could help you pay for the car’s removal and for the new roof that you’re SURE to be on the line for. The good news is, if the damage is only to the attic and the roof, your state-required limits may be enough to cover everything. If you took out anything else, though, you’re probably going to pay a lot more.

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If it’s your house, but not your car:

The best plan of action will be to file a claim directly through the driver’s car insurance. That way, you don’t have to pay your home insurance deductible and face potentially higher premiums.

BUT if the driver doesn’t have enough car insurance to cover everything, you could sue them. In the meantime, you’ll want to go through your home insurance to get the roof fixed ASAP.

Your home insurance may cover repairing or replacing your roof. Just make sure your home is insured for its replacement cost value (RCV) and not its market value. The RCV can help you pay for the labor and building materials and stuff. Market value may not be enough for that.

If the car took out any of your personal belongings, make sure that they’re accounted for in a home inventory and that they’re insured for their replacement cost value, not their actual cash value. (ACV will only give you the depreciated value of your items.) That way, you can get brand new things!

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