7 car insurance myths you should know about

Don’t believe anything you’ve heard about car insurance, unless its info directly from an agent.

EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS A LIE!!! Well, maybe not everything. But there are a lot of rumors going around about car insurance that just…aren’t true. So, here’s the real tea on some auto insurance myths:

Car insurance myths to know about

1. Red cars cost more to insure.

The truth: Your carrier could not care less about the color of your car. What they do care about is your driving record, and a few other things. Not your color preferences.

2. Car insurance helps you pay for damage to YOUR car.

The truth: Your car insurance can only help pay for damages to your car if you have collision and comprehensive insurance. Otherwise, it’s just to help you fulfill your financial responsibility to the other driver.

3. Car insurance will repair your car with parts from the original manufacturer.

The truth: You need to check and see what kind of parts your vehicle will be repaired with – basically, just ask and see.

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4. You have to use the repair shop that your insurance recommends.

The truth: You can use any repair shop you want. Carriers recommend shops they’ve partnered with to help the claims process go faster and to give you a place to start. But if you already have a mechanic in mind, go for it.

5. “Full coverage” exists.

The Truth: Every type of policy has different coverages, limits, and exceptions.  So, there’s not a policy out there that covers anything and everything that can happen to a car. You need to make sure you have all the coverages you need to protect your car.

6. Getting an attorney will speed up the claims process.

The truth: You’ve just made things 10 times harder for yourself. Having a lawyer might not make the claims process go super quick like you’re hoping – it can just put another monkey wrench in the entire plan.

7. If your airbag deploys, your car is automatically “totaled.”

The Truth: Your car is typically considered “totaled” if the cost to repair the car is more than the car is actually worth. Period.

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