Does car insurance cover my car? 🤷‍♀️🚗

Collision coverage helps you repair or replace your car if it's damaged in an accident. Comprehensive coverage covers other losses like fire, theft, vandalism, animal strikes, and random falling objects.

Wait. This is a stupid question, right? Does car insurance cover my car – of course, it does, it’s car insurance!


It depends on what coverage you have. If you only have liability insurance, you’re super out-of-luck if your car is ever damaged in an accident. You’re also out of luck if your car is damaged by a loss like fire, vandalism, a hostile tree that squishes it…you get the idea. Your car isn’t covered.

But that’s if you only carry liability insurance. There is a way to make sure that your ride is protected – and therefore make sure that your bank account is likewise protected. (Car repairs are not cheap, after all.)

Introducing… collision and comprehensive coverage! (a.k.a. that coverage that will actually cover your own car.)

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What is collision coverage?

Collision coverage will help you repair your car – or get a new one – if it’s damaged in an accident. Or if you run into something else, like a tree or telephone pole. Or end up in a ditch. You know, things like that.

What is comprehensive coverage?

Comprehensive coverage will help you repair your car – or, again, get a new one – if it’s damaged by something that’s not a crash or collision. It covers losses like:

  • Fire
  • Vandalism
  • Animal strikes (ex. That stupid deer that ran into the road right in front of your car)
  • Falling objects (ex. Trees that don’t give a crap where they fall and squish your car)
  • Theft (ex. A super inconsiderate thief who steals your car in the middle of the night)

What if I just have the minimum levels of car insurance?

Each state generally sets their own minimum required limit of car insurance. Usually, this is only for liability insurance, though. And liability insurance is all about protecting the other drivers on the road – not you. (Or your car.)

Your liability insurance can cover the other driver’s medical expenses and the repairs or replacement of their car if you cause an accident. So, if you’re only getting the bare minimum coverage required by the state, you’re probably not getting collision and comprehensive coverage.

And that’s why it’s important to make sure that you have the car insurance you need to truly protect your bank account. Live Chat with us if you want to talk about getting some cheap car insurance that will protect your car.

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