How can I save money on home insurance? 🤑 🏡

Be frugal with your funds, safe with your space, ask about discounts, and shop around.

When you’re shopping for home insurance, you may have noticed that it’s not the cheapest thing in the world. But if you’re looking at the sticker price, you’re probably not aware of everything you can do to save money on home insurance. So, let us learn you a thing.

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Some of the easiest ways to save money on home insurance are:

  • Bundle your home and car insurance – Handling your insurance with the same insurance company can have some major perks.
  • Boost your credit score – Take steps to make your credit score better.
  • Ask about discounts – Literally, ask your agent about any discounts you can qualify for. A good agent will want to help you save money. (No tea; no shade.)
  • Raise your deductible – Raising your deductible will mean more money you have to pay out of pocket if you ever have to file a claim. So, only do this if you’re REALLY confident that you won’t file a home insurance claim. Remember, a lot of unexpected things can pop up with home ownership.
  • Make your home a safe havenGet security systems, upgrade plumbing and wiring systems, improve the structural integrity of your house, etc. Insurance companies love that.
  • Remember to tell your agent about the important stuff – “Hey, how’s it going? Just had some Starbucks, gonna have chicken for dinner, and…oh! Just got married.” Boom! Potential discount. Just for the last part, though.
  • Shop around – Just because your parents or your grandparents or your friends or your second cousin twice-removed have a certain insurance company doesn’t mean that it’s the right carrier for you. Look at different plans to find out what’s a good fit.

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