Does home insurance cover a fallen tree?

If your tree falls on your neighbor’s house and causes damage, their insurance should cover the claim. If your neighbor’s tree falls onto your house and causes damage, your home insurance should cover the claim.

Does home insurance cover damage from a fallen tree?

Yes. Home insurance generally covers damage from a fallen tree, so if one of your trees crash lands into your house and smashes some stuff, you should be good as long as it fell over due to a covered loss. Trees don’t exactly have the best manners, so they tend to fall any which way they like.

Now, if your tree falls into your neighbor’s house – yep, of course, it has to be your grumpy neighbor’s house – it will be their home insurance that has to cover the claim. So, although they might curse and shake their fist…they have to file the claim under their home insurance. Tough luck for them.

On the other hand, if your neighbor’s tree falls into your house, it’s – you guessed it – your home insurance that would have to cover the claim. Yup – tough luck for you.

Pro tip: Make sure to have your trees checked regularly by a trustworthy professional to make sure they’re sturdy, not diseased or dead.

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Does home insurance cover a tree falling on my car?

Nope. That’s all on your car insurance. If you have comprehensive car insurance, you should be covered for annoying trees that decide they don’t want to stand up anymore and very rudely crash onto your car.

Does home insurance cover a tree falling through my fence?

If a tree takes out your fence, you should be covered under your home insurance. (Home insurance usually includes a handy-dandy section called “Other Structures” coverage, which provides coverage for things like detached garages, sheds, and yes – fences.)

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