Home insurance – What is liability insurance?

The insurance that covers if someone gets hurt at your place. And/or sues. Jerks.

So, there’s a little nagging coverage that’s included in all sorts of insurance policies – car insurance, home insurance, even renter’s insurance. It’s called liability coverage, and some people wonder why it’s even necessary. What does it do?

Well, wonder no more!

Liability insurance is the part of your insurance that covers if someone gets hurt in a place that you are responsible for.

In this case, we’ll talk about your house.

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Let’s say you leave a hose on your lawn. Someone bites it and busts open their face on your driveway. You could legally be responsible for their medical bills. And they could sue you. Which would stink.

Liability insurance can help you cover the cost of their medical bills and help you with legal fees if they sue.

Now, there are 3 things you’ll need to remember about liability coverage:

1. Liability insurance can also help you cover claims of property damage. So, that’s a handy thing. Make sure you know how your liability coverage works and what circumstances would be covered. (As we always say, READ YOUR POLICY!)

2. You might be held responsible for the injuries of people who are visiting your property if they get hurt, and that’s where liability insurance can help.

3. There are things called “attractive nuisances.” Things like pools, trampolines, playgrounds, etc. make it really tempting to come to your yard. These things are also really easy to get hurt on if you’re not being careful. You’ll want to take the right safety measures for these “nuisances,” and you’ll probably want more liability coverage – just in case.

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