4 reasons to read your home insurance policy all the way through

You’ll know what is and isn’t covered before you’re in a tight spot. So, make like Shia LaBeouf and Just do it. Okay?

Listen, we know this website is all about not reading things all the way through. But there are just some things you have to bite the bullet for – like your home insurance policy. Here are 4 of the many, MANY reasons you’ll want to read up on your plan:

Why you need to read through your home insurance policy.

1. Make sure everything’s correct in the home insurance policy.

Treat your policy like a drive-thru order – make sure you have everything you asked for and none of what you didn’t. And if something’s amiss, point out the mistake with a pretty please to your agent to change it.

2. Know what’s covered and for how much.

Do you have enough insurance to rebuild your house or buy a new one? What about replacing your stuff? Living somewhere else while your home is being repaired? How about if someone gets hurt at your house and sues you? These are all questions you should ask and have answered in your policy. If they’re not, talk to your agent before you run into a more-than-sticky situation.

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3. Find out what’s NOT covered.

Home insurance doesn’t just cover things willy-nilly. There are exclusions and conditions to what your policy covers (for example, flooding is usually excluded) and when they’ll cover it. Find out what those are BEFORE you try to file a claim for it.

4. Find some new questions.

Look, there are known knowns and known unknowns, but there are also unknown unknowns that you’ll only know about if you read your policy. You know? So, read up and ask your agent about anything that sounds as confusing as that first sentence did the first time you read it.

We know reading a home insurance policy sounds like The Worst. But it’s important to know what kind of home protection you’re paying for BEFORE you have to use it. So, flip through your policy pages with some hot cocoa or make Siri turn it into a podcast on your way to work. You’ll thank us later.

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