Am I covered if someone hits my parked car?

Well, hopefully. You could go through their insurance, or you could go through your collision coverage.

You pop into your favorite coffee shop to get your morning caffeine…but when you come back, your beloved car has been hit. There’s a smoosh in the bumper. And you’re not terribly happy. It sucks, actually. You want your car to get fixed, but how? Will car insurance cover this unfortunate parked car mishap?

Well, there are a couple possible scenarios, of course. (Insurance, are we right?)

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If the other driver has stuck around or left you a note, you might be able to go through their property damage liability coverage to get the damage repaired. That would be nice, right? You can make their insurance pay for it. Ha! So, that’s one way to go about getting your car all fixed up. (Also, try to avoid getting too upset with the other driver. At least they did the right thing by either waiting for you or giving you a way to contact them. They didn’t mean to hit your car – probably -and they could have taken off.)

Speaking of the other driver taking off…

If getting in touch with the other driver is not an option, you could also go through your own car insurance if you have collision coverage. (That’s the coverage that helps repair or replace your car if it’s damaged in a, well, collision.) Keep in mind, however, that you may end up having to pay your deductible. You’ll have to find out how much you’d have to pay and if it’s worth filing the claim.

(If you only have liability insurance, tough luck. Your liability insurance doesn’t cover repairs to your car – only another driver’s car if you’re at fault in an accident. Well, and it can also cover the other driver’s medical bills and stuff. But the point is – your liability insurance won’t help you if your parked car gets hit.)

So, that’s the deal. You could go through the other driver’s insurance or your own collision coverage. Don’t despair. Hopefully not all hope is lost.

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