Deep fried turkey safety

The best thing is to not. But if you gotta, there are specific things you need to do for safety.

First things first: Deep-fried turkey was created by someone who literally said, “Hey, we can fry this small thing…wonder what else we can fry?”

So, overall…just don’t. The best thing to do when deep frying a turkey is to just not. Find another way to cook it.

*Sigh* But if you insist on having the same “Hold my beer” energy, there are things you need to know.

  1. Thaw it out.

And NOT the day of! There’s a whole USDA website that tells you how long to thaw out turkey to not give the ick to your family. Look. At. It.

  1. Clear the area!

No trees. No pets. No people. NOTHING surrounding you but a boiling pot of oil and a dead bird. There are too many Youtube search results for “frying turkey fail.” Home insurance might help if you burn your house down, but just…don’t.


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  1. Level it out

You might want to get an actual level for this one. All it takes is one too many seconds on a wobbly table for the deep fryer to become a bonfire. And not the fun kind.

  1. Gather your tools BEFOREHAND.

When that bird is ready to be lowered, you better have EVERYTHING you need. Get your goggles, put your gloves on, go pee, but do NOT leave a frying turkey unattended.

  1. Don’t overfill

What happens when you fill a glass of water to the brim, and then add ice cubes? Right. It overflows. Now, imagine that happening with GALLONS of hot oil. In other words, fill carefully.

  1. Go slow

Again, with ice and water, what happens when you drop ice into a cup of water? It splashes out, meaning, DON’T YOU DARE PLOP THAT TURKEY IN THE OIL LIKE THAT.

  1. Use a thermometer

Don’t guess at the temperature of the oil or the bird. Get a meat thermometer or one of those fancy laser ones, and make sure everything is hot enough to be safe.

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Overall, please, PLEASE be safe this season. Especially if there’s going to be a deep fried turkey involved. And get the best home insurance with our agents just in case. Just LiveChat us!

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