11 tips for fall home maintenance

Take care of your house. Do some yard work and stuff. Don't be lazy.

Autumn is upon us! It’s time for some brisk weather and cozy sweaters. But with the fall season comes something that you should do – home maintenance. We know – groan.

Fall home maintenance tips.

1. Get your trees checked by a professional. 

Have your trees checked over by someone who’s a trustworthy tree professional. They know how to spot a tree that’s not doing so well, and they can trim stuff as needed.

2. Rake the yard. 

Yup, this might not be one of your favorite things (how can there be SO MANY leaves on one lawn?) But if you rake the leaves and stuff, you can actually help your lawn come spring.

3. Clean the gutters/downspout.

Leaves and icky stuff can clog the gutters, and that can make water get trapped. And that can cause damage to your siding.

4. Check the perimeter.

Do a walk-around of your home and look for anything that might need fixing. If it’s something that needs a professional, get that appointment made.

5. Say no to critters.

To prevent squirrels, mice, and other creatures from inviting themselves in for Thanksgiving dinner, check for any potential entrances to your home and seal them off.

6. Look at your porch, sidewalk, driveway, stairs, etc. and repair as needed. 

Ice is already treacherous enough – no need to let the walkway be more precarious than it already is. Also – getting these repairs done can make shoveling WAY easier.

7. Get your winter supplies. 

If you live in a snowy sort of place, get ready by stocking up on your winter supplies – shovels, ice melt (plant and pet-safe, please), etc.

8. Get your chimney/heating system serviced. 

Here’s a tip – the chimney people and heating people are probably less busy now then they will be in the wintertime. So, get your chimney serviced before the winter hits.

9. Turn off outdoor faucets. 

Store your hoses properly by draining them of excess water. Turn off the water to outside faucets.

10. See if you need extra weather stripping.

If you need to, add some weather stripping around windows and doors. This can help keep the house nice and toasty.

11. Do a check of safety devices. 

Check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they’re in good working order.

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