Does home insurance cover tornadoes?

Well, you gotta read your policy, but typically your coverage would help.

Tornadoes are kind of terrifying. (Okay – way more than kinda.) It’s terrifying to think what could happen if a tornado touched down near your house. These monsters are some of the scariest things Mother Nature can throw our way. Of course, the first priority would be figuring out how to keep yourself and your family safe. (Note – review tornado safety with the fam.) Everything else can be replaced – the family can’t.

Anyways, so that’s Priority A. But the thing is that if a tornado were to whoosh through your area, you kind of want your family to have a place to live again. So, maybe you’re wondering if home insurance covers tornado damage. With such incredibly strong winds and the sheer fury of a tornado, you cringe to think what state your house could be in if it happened to be in the path of a capricious twister.

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The answer is yes, home insurance typically includes coverage that would help you in the aftermath of a tornado. Of course, you need to read your policy carefully and ensure that wind damage will be covered. (There are a bunch of reasons to read your policy, actually.) Anyways, it’s important to make sure that you have the right coverage and enough coverage to put your home back together if a tornado struck.

One thing to note is that tornadoes often come with storms. And storms often come with rain. Where we’re going with this is that flooding is not covered by home insurance (meaning water that has built up on the ground outside your house and infiltrated your house). You can get flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP for short) so that you protect your home from flooding.

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So – that’s the scoop about twisters and home insurance. Speaking of home insurance, if you want to get quotes, you can give us a call, message us, or fill out our online form.

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