Home insurance endorsements to know about

There are endorsements you can add to your policy that do cool stuff.

So, home insurance does a lot of really great stuff. It can really help you out of a potentially very expensive pickle. But there are some things that home insurance may not cover – so how can you fix that? You can add these things called endorsements that can provide coverage for a loss that isn’t covered or provide more coverage than is offered by the home insurance policy. We’ll explain a few endorsements you can consider.

4 home insurance endorsements you should know about.

1. Sewer backup.

Yep, this one’s gross.

So, sewer backup is typically not covered by home insurance. However, this could also be a very expensive problem. You can add a sewer backup endorsement to your home insurance policy so that you wouldn’t be on your own to deal with this stinky situation.

2. Earthquake.

Earthquakes are also typically not covered by home insurance. But you may be able to add an earthquake endorsement to your policy. So, if you’re worried about the ground starting to shake, look into an earthquake endorsement.

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3. Personal property.

If you have expensive jewelry or valuables, you may want to consider getting an endorsement for it. Your home insurance probably only has limited coverage for things like jewelry, so you might want to get an endorsement so that you can get the coverage you need for your valuable treasures. It’s always important to make sure that your jewelry is protected. Make sure that you understand how your coverage works and what’s covered.

4. Identity theft.

Identity theft can be a major problem. You may be able to add an identity theft endorsement to your policy so that you can deal with the fallout of a stolen identity. (Nowadays it’s almost scary to think of the possibility of identity theft. It just makes you feel all shivery.)

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So, those are a few home insurance endorsements that you should know about. To get started with your home insurance quotes, give us a call, message us on LiveChat, or fill out our online form.

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