4 reasons why homeowners insurance is cool

It can help rebuild your home, it protects your belongings, it can help if you get sued for bodily injury or property damage... Need we say more?

So, if you have a house, you might be wondering – what’s the big deal about homeowners insurance? Why are there like a gazillion commercials about home insurance always on TV? Why do you always have the catchy little slogans or jingles from said commercials stuck in your head? Well, homeowners insurance is pretty cool, which might have something to do with it. Not convinced of the coolness of insurance? Read on.

4 reasons why homeowners insurance is cool.

1. It can help rebuild your house.

Fire is scary. Like, super scary. Beyond the fear-factor of your house going up in flames, there’s also the what-comes-after part. How would you recover from that? Homeowners insurance can help you rebuild your house from the ground up if it’s destroyed by a covered loss.

(Pro tip – make sure your home is insured for its replacement cost. It’s important.)

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2. It protects your belongings.

Okay, what if your stuff gets destroyed? Home insurance has coverage for that. You wouldn’t be on your own to replace your furniture, clothes, and so on if they’re hit by a covered loss. And the cool thing is that this coverage typically follows your belongings wherever they are – so if you have a whole bunch of expensive stuff in your car, for example, and it gets stolen, you may have coverage through your home insurance.

3. Homeowners insurance can help if you get sued for bodily injury.

Imagine this – there’s a guest to your home and they fall on their face walking up the driveway because they trip over a crack in the concrete. They have to get some medical attention for their face, so that’s expensive. The liability coverage in your home insurance can help cover the injured person’s medical expenses, and it can help cover legal expenses if that person sues.

4. Your bank account is protected.

There’s a lot of responsibility that comes along with being a homeowner, and that means that your bank account could take a serious hit if something happens to your house. Homeowners insurance serves as a safety net that can protect your bank account from ruin if your home is damaged by a covered loss.

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This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg of why home insurance is cool. It’s not just for nerds. Get home insurance quotes by filling out our online quote form, giving us a call, or messaging us on LiveChat.

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