What insurance would Ariel from The Little Mermaid need?

Well, hmm. Ariel would probably want to make sure all the treasures in her underwater cave hideout are protected...but the underwater element could get interesting.

So, Ariel is one of the iconic Disney princesses. Who doesn’t love The Little Mermaid? But it occurred to us that Ariel has a lot of stuff. She has an entire cave full of treasures that she’s collected, and clearly these treasures mean a lot to her.

Could she insure them? How would she do that?

Well, let’s say that we’re able to insure the cave as a home. We’ll give it a home insurance policy. Ariel would need to make sure she has enough coverage for her valuables. Home insurance policies often only give a tiny bit of coverage for valuables. That’s something that Ariel, who’s kind of like a magpie in that she likes shiny things, needs to think about.

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And then there’s the other consideration – that the cave is underwater. What about water damage? Could the seawater corrode the treasures in the cave? That could be a major problem, and it could really impact the value of the treasures. Then again, maybe Ariel has some kind of mermaid magic that could allow her to protect her belongings from the damage from saltwater.

And what about when her father, Triton, comes in and throws his huge temper tantrum? Would Ariel’s insurance cover replacing her treasures? Seems like that could be a loss that she would need to have covered.

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All in all, the biggest challenge Ariel would probably face is finding an insurance company willing to insure an underwater cave/hideaway. Then she would have to make sure that the losses she’s worried about (i.e. theft, shark attack, angry fathers with magical tridents, and so on) are covered. She’d have to make sure to read the policy carefully and add any endorsements that might be helpful.

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