5 home insurance exclusions to know about

Certain losses aren't covered by home insurance.

Uh-oh. Exclusions? That doesn’t sound good…especially when it comes to home insurance. It’s the truth, though – certain losses aren’t covered by your typical home insurance policy. It’s unfortunate, but we tell you this because we care. We want you to be prepared, so we’re going to go over a few common home insurance exclusions.

5 home insurance exclusions you should know about.

1. Flooding.

This is a big thing – many homeowners think that flooding from heavy rain is covered. (Like if you have a big rainstorm and water collects on the ground and then gets into your house.) But flooding isn’t covered by home insurance. You’d have to get flood insurance, which you can get through the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program).

2. Sewer backup/Sump pump failure.

Sewer backup and sump pump failure is also not covered by home insurance. You can, however, get an endorsement for your home insurance that gives you coverage for this loss. It’s definitely something to consider, since, you know, sewer backup would kind of be a nightmare.

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3. Earth movement.

Things like earthquakes and sinkholes are also not covered by your typical home insurance policy. Which is weird – you would think that if the ground literally started shaking and crashes stuff to the ground it would be covered. However, you can get earthquake coverage to protect yourself from quake-style losses.

4. Your car.

Umm, that’s kind of what car insurance is for… To protect your car and all… So yeah, your home insurance probably isn’t going to be much help if you have a vehicle-related loss. That’s why it’s important to consider collision and comprehensive coverage.

5. Valuables.

Okay, there is probably a little bit of coverage for things like jewelry and silverware and stuff, but it probably isn’t very much. And it might not be enough to truly protect yourself if you have a lot of valuable belongings. You can get an endorsement to get the proper coverage for your treasures.

So, those are a few things that aren’t covered by home insurance. This is one of the many reasons that you should read your policy carefully. It’ll tell you more about this stuff.

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