How to insure an engagement ring

Either add it to your personal property coverage, get an endorsement, or get a separate policy if you’re really breaking the bank.

Congrats! You’ve leveled up your love to include a big, shiny engagement ring – which is a lot more responsibility than even your favorite piece of jewelry from Macy’s. It would really be a shame if something…happened to it. But what can you do?

Well, we are an insurance blog. So, you can probably guess what our answer is.

Yes, it’s true. You can insure your engagement ring. In a few different ways, actually.

  1. Check your home insurance policy.

Home and renters’ insurance policies usually already have a low limit of coverage for valuable items and jewelry. Talk to your agent to see if your policy has this coverage and if you need more. Depending on the value of the ring and other jewelry you own, this could be enough.

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  1. You could add a rider or an endorsement to your home/renters policy

On average, engagement and wedding rings cost more than typical homeowners’ policies allow. So, when you talk to your agent, ask if you’ll actually need a rider or endorsement to cover your ring. Make sure that you know what’s covered under the endorsement and that you know how the ring would be replaced.

  1. You could get the ring its own actual policy

If your special someone decided to break the bank to get your ring (and we’re talking like really breaking the bank), it may need its own policy. Just make sure you know how the ring would be replaced.

Overall, protect your engagement ring by keeping it in a safe place, either close to you or in a small lockbox. Maybe even invest in a home security system (you could even get a discount for having one.)

Adulting is hard. Get insurance quotes live in chat.

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