How to choose a home security system

Do your research and ask questions!

If you’re getting a security system for your home, that’s great! Having a monitored home security system can help you protect your house and your family from pesky burglars. (And a security system can also help you get lower rates on your home insurance because it could help you get a discount.)

If you’re thinking about getting an alarm system, you might be wondering how to go about choosing which system is best for you. We’ve got some tips.

5 tips for choosing a home security system.

1. Research the company you’re thinking about getting the security system from. Do they have good track record for providing quality products and reliable services? You can even check them out on the Better Business Bureau.

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2. Find out about the monitoring process. How will the company monitor for threats? Is there a cellular or radio backup in case the physical lines to your house go down? It’s important to understand exactly how the monitoring works.

3. Ask how the company does tests of their monitoring system. How frequently do they test the system, and what will they do if they find a problem?

4. See if the security system company offers maintenance as part of their normal costs. Making sure your burglar alarm is working as it should is important, and it’s kind of an added plus if the company offers annual maintenance as part of their normal cost.

5. Don’t forget to ask your home insurance agent about a discount. Like we said, having a monitored security system can help you save money on your home insurance. It’s one of those common home insurance discounts that it’s nice to know about. Burglar alarms are deterrents to theft, and if something does happen, they bring the police to your home quickly.

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