Tips for hiring a contractor

Ask questions. Don't let just anyone work on your house.

If you’ve got a house, that’s great! But houses can be a lot of work, and you might find yourself in the “I need a contractor to build stuff or repair stuff” boat. If you need to hire a contractor, there are a few things to keep in mind. Just because someone has a fancy tool kit, doesn’t mean they’re the right person to work on your house.

  • Check that the contractor is state-licensed. Does the state say they’re a-okay?
  • Are they going to work all the time? Knowing if they’ll be smashing stuff full-time is helpful. Find out what the schedule would look like.
  • Do they need subcontractors? Who all is going to be at this shindig? If they’re hiring subcontractors, make sure you have a lien release or waiver in case the contractor doesn’t pay them on time. (That way the subcontractor can’t come after you.)
  • Do you need any fancy permits? Cities can be weird about stuff, so make sure you don’t need any permits for the project.
  • How long is it going to take? You’ve probably got a schedule to keep, right?
  • Does the contractor have cool insurance? They should have workers’ comp and general liability. You never know – accidents happen!
  • Get bids from around three different contractors. See which one seems like it’ll be best for you. (The bid should have important information on it, like the materials, cost, time frame, and all that good stuff.)
  • Check references. Yeah, calling people stinks, but it can help to check some references.
  • Don’t get scammed. If a contractor shows up at your door or reaches out to you, be wary. Likewise, if they show up and offer to do an “inspection” that just so happens to turn up issues you didn’t know about.

So, yeah, don’t be afraid to do your research and take your time making your decision. Hiring a contractor is serious business!

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